White God

LetterboxD review link

Thanks to critics and writers I follow here in Letterboxd and other places, this film came to my attention during a year of fascination with European (especially EU) political turmoil. White God, a film largely about about contemporary Hungarian anxieties about social structure, control, obedience to the state, the influence of immigrants on the country was a good companion to all the political and breaking event news we’ve been reading all year.

The Lobster, is another film that approaches some of these topics from a European point of view. However, The Lobster is far more successful as a piece of film-making. White God’s mix of high and low art - going from beautiful scenes of dogs watching cartoons and a climactic sequence full of fear and dread, amidst a plot that feels empty and lacking internal motion - keeps it from rising to the level of a film like The Lobster. None the less, this is an original, timely film worth seeing.