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Victoria is a difficult film to watch. It is tiring emotionally but also physically. All the hand-held camera work is difficult on the eyes for 2 and a half hours. The beginning of this film sets that tone immediately. The film maker does give a few, needed, breaks primarily through overlaid music. Those are some of the film’s best moments.

Undoubtedly, the film’s two biggest accomplishments are its technical accomplishment - one continuous take, 2.5+ hours, 22 locations, one night and performances from its main cast, especially Laia Costa in the lead role. Costa had me rapt throughout the film. By the end I could hardly believe she was the same character we were first introduced to. Her ability to summarize entire scenes worth of emotions in one facial expression was incredible.

The film doesn’t ask much from the audience intellectually. There are few if any major social or narrative themes. But it is a ride. And a cinematic spectacle that doesn’t just start and end with its gimmicky conceit.