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Jordan Peele is very good at making horror films. And his love for them is apparent in all his recent work. I do wish, though, that he ventures away from the genre at some point. This film has some interesting prompts for discussion and exploration but I don’t think its Theory of Self is very well baked out. It made for a pleasurable theater going experience, especially late at night with friends. And it’s made for some fun discussions, readings and podcast-listening since but I don’t think it has as cohesive and tight of a “what it wants to say about America” figured out as Get Out.

Maybe it’s unfair to expect something so cohesive to come only a year after Get Out, maybe it’s fine that the way this movie accomplishes its goals is to open up prompts instead of providing falsely pat answers. But Peele set a high bar with his debuts.

Also, please consider Lupita for every leading role, Hollywood. Thank you!