Triple 9

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Triple 9 features an impressive cast (Winslet, Ejiofor, Affleck, Harrelson, Mackey), a few worthwhile performances (Affleck and Harrelson), about three well-executed action sequences and not much else. The rest of the film is mired in cliché, refuses to invest in plot or character development and shows a director and cinematographer seemingly just trying stuff without any cohesive rhyme or reason.

Kate Winslet seems to basically recycle her accent from Steve Jobs, going from a Polish émigré to a Russian jewish matriarch. Anthony Mackey and Casey Affleck make a little more out of their roles than their colleagues, but not by much. Harrelson, when he’s not saddled with the unexplained burden of being a drug addict, also rises above the fray.

Overall, John Hillcoat paints a bleak world. He was successful with a similar approach in The Road, but is much less successful here. It’s possible this story could’ve been better as a miniseries or a season of TV, it certainly could have rescued the 3rd act. But I don’t think I would’ve been that excited to watch that, either.