Top Five

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Top Five ended up being way funnier than I expected, and also way more real. I don’t think this movie would’ve been possible without Louis CK and “Louie” in particular. I’m really glad Chris Rock took his encouraging words and wrote a really meaningful movie. This is definitely the first “great Chris Rock movie” as others have said. The cameo, in itself, was a character in the film. And all the cameos were hilarious, some even more than others. Some of the stories this film tells had to have happened in real life to Chris Rock, there’s no way he just made that up.

I’m glad he didn’t try to say anything huge or expansive about fame or creativity, he just shared his thoughts based on experiences he has had as a long time artist, and I bought it. Rock has always reminded me of those awkward, lanky, sinewy men I know in my life, who rarely jump out of their shell. But somehow Rock eschewed that character type, became a hugely successful entertainer and this movie is proof that it wasn’t an accident. All of this happened to Chris Rock because he has a big heart and a big brain in that otherwise lanky, awkward, sinewy body of his.