The Squid and the Whale

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A plane re-watch.

I hadn’t seen this in many years, maybe since it first came out in 2005. I remember loving it then, and have loved Baumbach’s work ever since. Now that I live in Brooklyn, I watched this with new eyes. Not only becaause I’m familiar with the neighborhoods, but because I’m not familiar with these kinds of families, these fathers, mothers and children. They existed in the 1980s and they certainly exist now.

I didn’t know before but apparently Wes Anderson has some fingerprints on this film, which, when I noticed his name in the credits, made a lot of sense. There’s a cadence to both the dialog and the editing that has his DNA in it. This made me wonder what other collaborations might look like if Wes Anderson’s style was infused. Like what would a Anderson + Spielberg or Anderson + Jarmusch or Anderson + Soderbergh film look like?