The Pervert's Guide to Ideology

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I’ve probably watched and read more hours of Slavoj Žižek’s meandering, imprecise, acerbic political philosophy than I care to admit. And though much of it feels repetitive (the same psychoanalytical concepts show up in critiques of film, politics, industry, finance, and so on and so on), I’m always having fun. I suppose that is central to Žižek’s ideology: whatever you do, have fun. And in his case, fun is closer to enjoyment rather than pleasure.

Žižek, I’ve learned, is better as a source for questions rather than answers. This becomes clear in this documentary, especially, as he jumps from topic to topic with little connective tissue in between. Most topics and film snippets are interesting. Mostly, however, I was interested in the formulations of his questions about society and how these ideas play out in popular films. There’s still plenty to love about a contemporary public theorist who brings attention to unseen forces at play in our world.