The Day After

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Hong Sang-soo was in attendance at the NYFF screening where I first saw this film. The director, notoriously prolific, and always busy producing film after film didn’t have much in the way of deep advice or additional thought. I’ve only started to get into his filmography recently, but he seems like something of a modern artist. Deeply interested in exploring himself as a way of exploring the world. His films are thinly veiled memoirs where he explores his feelings, character, and world-view to build an understanding of the world, something many visual artists have done through self-portraits in modern history.

This film, in particular, is beautiful to watch. The black-and-white photography, lighting and chilly Korean setting make for a great mise en scene. The characters and plot development leave something to be desired but for a man churning out 4 movies in 8 months, it’s not all too bad.