The Big Lebowski

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What can be said about this film that hasn’t been said already by learned critics and fanboys alike? The characters, the pacing and plotting, casting, dialogue, melding of film genres, overall commentary on the times; really everything congeals together so well in this film. As Ebert once said, “the details need not concern us.” This film is as much about the attitude as about the facts.

The Coens bring eastern philosophy, biting political commentary, astute observations about modern America and fully formed philosophical approaches to life into this film. Any lesser filmmaker would’ve seen that list of things and tried to accomplish one. Any lesser filmmaker would’ve been unable to take that list of things and keep the audience entertained the whole time. The Coens took it all and kept it hilarious and entertaining throughout. I had a smile on my face throughout and more than a few laughs out loud.

I have held and will continue to hold that Julianne Moore is among the top-3 best actors working today. After listening to a recent Here’s The Thing interview with her, and learning that she never really planned to have this illustrious of a career and instead tried to find new, interesting and challenging work, I’m convinced that is the only true way to succeed in life. I can think of maybe a handful of people who planned and executed their paths to success. Almost everyone else who succeeded, got to it by trying everything else first.