The Barkley Marathons - The Race That Eats Its Young

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Barkley Marathons is an unassuming, stripped down documentary, not interested in being flashy. But still, it aspires something slightly more ever-lasting. In this way, it is like Gary “Lazarus Lake” Cantrell, the figure at the center of it all.

The film-makers lucked out by finding three runners upon whom they could focus. These runners also ran very interesting races, two highly competitive and a third less competitive but somehow more meaningful as a racer. The story they built from these races ends up being equal parts impressive (the sheer physical accomplishment is worth your consideration) and entertaining (if for no other reason, because of the cast of characters, mostly white men, that this race draws). As a runner myself, I found some parts of this documentary particularly relatable, but even for non-runners there’s enough to keep your attention for the short runtime.