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Is there anything scarier than Dennis Hopper playing a boomer, who sits in front of the TV all day, creating chaos in the world with his finger on the trigger, mostly for women and minorities, targeting public goods like mass transit, because he is convinced he deserves more than he’s already gotten? I contend Speed in 1994, prophesied the Trump voter and the effect of “interactive TV” (as Hopper calls it) more than 20 years before our country faced it head on.

Ok, tongue in cheek comments aside, Jan de Bont’s Speed is one of the first American movies I remembering seeing as a kid. It has been imprinted in my brain ever since. Every time I watch it, I’m sucked in completely. Every action sequence, every set piece, comes at the perfect time. The score is phenomenal. It is so perfectly executed, the tone so well managed, that even as a B movie, it rises to an A. Not to mention the chemistry between Reeves/Bullock and Reeves/Daniels.

Also, Hopper asked for $3.7M. The cargo plane and bus that blew up, in 1994 dollars, were at least $250M. That seems, in the parlance of our times, like a bad deal.