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Over the holidays, one of my favorite things is to watch movies with my family that I’ve seen before and I think they’d like. This week, we took on the films of Taylor Sheridan, including Sicario and Wind River. I sometimes pick movies that are at the nexus of stuff they like (mainstream action, thriller, adventure) and stuff that I think might be a little more challenging. Sheridan’s films are perfectly suited for this.

On this rewatch, I thought a lot about the way Villenueve, Deakins and Jóhann Jóhannsson depict the US/Mexico border as a war zone. This is a war movie for our generation, in which war is not a distinct far-away concept, that exists somewhere else in the Middle East or Asia. War is now a reality of every day life for some Americans and a constant thing to manage for the government and armed forces.

I was also struck by the mansplainy nature of the relationship between Benicio Del Toro/Josh Brolin and Emily Blunt. Maybe because the current news cycle is focused on the treatment of women in the professional sphere, I was a little more sensitive to this dynamic. And it showed up again in Wind River with Elizabeth Olson and Jeremy Renner.