Phantom Thread

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I have a hard time when Paul Thomas Anderson goes in the bizarre direction. I’m much more well-suited for The Master and There Will Be Blood, with their over-serious tone. It took me a couple of tries to love Magnolia and Punch Drunk Love. By the third act of this film, I gathered it was more in the bizarre camp of PTA’s work than the sacrosanct camp. But I know, even on first watch, that I really loved this film. I imagine I’ll love it even more on subsequent watches.

The themes about art, especially tortured and torturous artistic men, in this film were much more interesting than in mother!. Like The Beguiled, it depicts the warping effect of what happens when a house of full of women must cater to the whims of one man. It toes the line between melodrama and comedy beautifully. Although a chamber piece, the scenes shot outside are gorgeous and left me wanting for more. The music, costume and set design are worth the price of entry on their own. But all of that plays second fiddle to the lead performances by Daniel Day-Lewis and Vicky Krieps. This film left me less sad about Day-Lewis’s retirement and more excited for Krieps’s career to take off.