Patti Cakes

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Mix Half Baked’s Samson as villanous rap mogul, 8 Mile’s underdog, working class, rapper come up, and upgrade John Hughes’ 1980s suburban stories to move past upper-crust White families and into the lower class exurbs of New Jersey, oh and add White Girl’s gritty millennial NYC/NJ vibe and you’ve got yourself a feel-good film about a hip hop up-and-comer named Patti Cake$. The film soars in its music scenes, including the montage where the band comes together. And although the structure, story and characters are somewhat familiar, they are freshly put together in a new package – an approach which stays true to hip hop, an art form that is committed to remixes, homages, references and the like.

Also, I ran across Dhananjay last year on YouTube and it was a nice surprise to see him on screen.