Other People

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Other People, although full of fine moments (especially the final scenes), and fine acting, never really broke its “trying-overly-hard to be an indie film” quality for me. I was reminded of a line in Noah Baumbach’s Frances Ha when Sophie, Frances’ best friend, enters an apartment and remarks something like “it’s just that this apartment is very…aware of itself.” I felt similarly about this film. David, the protagonist, is aware of himself, which is a fine quality to ascribe to a character and Jesse Plemmons plays it well. But it’s not a quality you want from the film altogether.

I re-watched Garden State a couple of years ago. I hadn’t seen it since its release in 2004. I couldn’t even finish the film because I found it so hyper-aware of itself. Every line of dialog sounded like it was written by a pre-teen who had just discovered The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Other People was not as excruciating a watch, but some of the same qualities kept me from fully connecting with the film, its characters, and its story.