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I missed this 2013 hit in the year it came out. 2013 was quiet a year, with the likes of Zero Dark Thirty, Lincoln, Django, Beasts of the Southern Wild and Amour all competing for top honors. I don’t think Nebraska belonged up there next to some of those films, but it certainly deserved more praise than Argo.

Bruce Dern was very impressive in this role. It didn’t ask much of him in the way of physical feats or dialog delivery, but it seemed his internal ticking was right in line with what the character called for. Some of the looks on his face, and his reactions to the cast showed a real understanding of this character.

This film also captured midwestern/fly-over-state sadness really well. Central IL isn’t as desolate as Montana, Wyoming and Nebraska, but I still feel very blue there when I return. Nebraska captured those blues perfectly.

woops, just realized it competed in 2014. Well, most of my points still stand.