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I haven’t gone deep into the Robert Altman’s filmography. I saw, and loved, 3 Women, a few years ago. Coming into Nashville, I knew only that it was a political musical. And in a highly political moment (although it’s gone on for more than just a moment now), my interest was piqued.

My favorite part of the film was definitely the music. This film is chock full of one beautiful country, bluegrass, western, folk, or gospel song after another. With American genres of music at its center, and a storied American pass time, politics, as its subject, we get a pastiche, kaleidoscopic view of Americana.

Each character in this film – like its songs, it has many – has a beginning, middle and end. And although we see them go through a journey, we never really feel like we know everything there is to know about them. This film is about 5 days in Tennessee. And with inspiration from Altman’s naturalistic film-making, we would not deign to believe that we could know any one in 5 days, as in real life.