Mrs. Doubtfire

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I’ve been watching a lot of Robin Williams interviews on YouTube recently, including his famous Inside the Actor’s Studio appearance. His death was brought up in a conversation a few days ago and it started me down this path.

Williams really was a one-of-a-kind actor. But learning about his life, its clear he was a one-of-a-kind man. His background as a runner, his relationships with Christopher Reeves, his children, addiction, his family, and so on.

He only got a couple of fleeting moments to dig into his acting reservoir in Mrs. Doubtfire but even just those moments added tremendously to the film. I think he was fully aware of the unique opportunity he had with his film. To explore the depths of his humor, to ad-lib, to let his talents shine, but also to provide children of divorce something to find comfort in. In a decade that saw the highest divorce rates, that amounts to a lot of children who hopefully got something from this film.

Rest in peace, Robin.