Molly's Game

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Aaron Sorkin is interested in people. Well, maybe that’s not quite right. He’s interested in creating characters that speak dialog he writes, in snappy, fast-paced, scenes. Is real life Molly Bloom like all other Aaron Sorkin characters or does every character become the same when written by Sorkin? I don’t really know. But his fingerprints are all over this film (including, unfortunately, some bad directing choices).

One of the motivating features of this film I remembering hearing about was Sorkin’s relationship with his pre-teen daughter. The makings of this are present throughout the movie, and ultimately, in how the third act treats Molly. The character’s redemptive moments come through long soliloquies delivered by her lawyer and her father. After 120 minutes of being the smartest, most in-control person in the room, she falls silent and has to be saved by father-figures. That was a disappointing conclusion. But maybe a lesson Sorkin can learn for his next film.

Also, why so much boobage? Was it really necessary? Jessica Chastain has carried other films without relying on her body and sex appeal. And Molly’s sex life was deliberately eschewed in dialog multiple times. Why was it so ever-present in imagery then?