Mission Impossible Fallout

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I ended up seeing this twice. The set pieces are fantastic. The homages to Parisian car and motorcycle chases are wonderful. The story is uninteresting and at times buckles under its own weight. It’s hard to realize that you’ve seen the best fireworks show you’re going to see for the next decade right after you’ve seen it. It feels like every other fireworks show. I remember coming out of Fury Road a couple of years ago and agreeing that it was a fantastic film, but not really understanding how much it stood apart from, and above, other action films. I think Fallout will likely have a similar path in my memory. After seeing it, I knew I enjoyed it, I knew everything about it was impressive. But as time goes on, I have a feeling it will be set apart even further in the genre.

I really hope they don’t make another one. It just seems fated that Tom Cruise will end up killing himself on screen, and for what, us? The audience? We’re really not worth it, Tom.