Magnificent 7

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Trying to recreate the magic and (yes) magnificence of Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai is a difficult task. I’ve never seen the 1960 American adaptation, but the premise itself - a Western with cowboys, horses, and shootouts based on a Samurai epic - is interesting enough. Unfortunately, this latest adaptation fell mostly in the category of forgettable remakes. Chris Pratt, charged with the task of bringing levity and heart to the ensemble, following in the footsteps of the inimitable Toshiro Mifune also falls short.

Lists of directors with great promise, but a long fall from grace come around every few years. M Night Shyamalan is frequently in that conversation (although I’d say Unbreakable is his ticket out of those conversations once and forever). It seems Antoine Fuqua belongs on these lists, until he can prove otherwise. After Training Day he was poised to be a great new voice for this generation of films. Instead, we’ve gotten few original, provocative, or even interesting works from him since.