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Logan, for me, was the culmination of more than a decade spent with Wolverine the character, and with Hugh Jackman specifically, watching XMEN movies. From the core films, to the spinoffs, to the Wolverine films, these films have been a part (if not formative at least notable) of my journey from high school to adulthood. I remember seeing the first Bryan Singer installation in 2000 on my first high school date. I don’t remember much about how the date went, but I remember trying to count all the X’s Singer used in his shots. I guess that should tell me, and you, exactly how the date went.

An R-rated, bloody, head-slicing, Western/Noir was not the ending to this character I would’ve thought up but it ended up being a successful end to his arc. There’s something about kids and action movies that brings pathos and emotionality to action heroes. Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Léon: The Professional, Midnight Special, and Children of Men were some of the movies that were circling in my head while watching this film. I don’t think Logan is near the top of the list of movies of this genre, but it’s a commendable entry.