Logan Lucky

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There’s a scene about three-quarters of the way through Logan Lucky where Jeff Gordon and a couple of NASCAR announcers talk about a driving returning from some time away from the track. They describe what they think it takes to re-enter a profession in which you were once a top practitioner. In a movie full of self-referrential jokes and plot development, that was maybe my favorite commentary on Soderbergh’s return to movies.

Logan Lucky is not a contemplative movie. It doesn’t ask you to consider too much about character motivations and complex relationships. It’s pleasures lie in super tight storytelling. In a pace that is relentless from the first shot on (it accomplishes the pace that, I believe, Baby Driver was trying to set for itself earlier this year, with as much style, and more ease). In a year full of different “Hillybilly Elegy” type stories, this one is a worthy addition to the Appalachian cannon.