Little Men

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Little Men has a literary quality about it. While watching the film, I felt more like I was reading a short story in an anthology about childhood in America, or growing up in NYC. Those types of short stories are popular in magazines like the New Yorker or in compilations that come out at every year. Which is to say, I’m pretty familiar with the genre and the characters that usually show up.

There are also films like Wolfpack, Frances Ha, One Fine Day, Kids that capture some parts of that experience. But there was something singular about this film. Perhaps because it took up the topic of gentrification in Brooklyn (my place of residence). Perhaps because the setting was so contemporary, although surprisingly missing computer/phone mediated communication almost entirely from the plot. Whatever the reason, I really enjoyed the understated, quiet, but realistically dramatic nature of this film. Greg Kinnear, Paulina Garcia, and the two young protagonists all put in great performances. And Ira Sachs’ writing and directing choices put together a wonderful package, well worth investing a couple of hours into.