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I saw this at a debut screening at BAM’s 2017 Cinemafest. The filmmakers and actors were in attendance for a Q&A afterward. In one of the exchanges, Gillian Robespierre described the relationship between Jenny Slate and Abby Quinn as sisters coming out as the most compelling part of the film during editing. I also found this relationship to be the most compelling part of the film, not least because the two are so well cast and characterized that they really feel like sisters, the whole family feels like a real family.

However, this re-focusing of the story around their relationship in the edit, and moving away from the story of a marriage falling apart, resulted in the film feeling somewhat scatterbrained. There weren’t any loose ends or unanswered questions, perhaps the ends could be better described as frayed. This is only a minor complaint in what is otherwise a wonderful film featuring three stellar performances from the leading women and a depiction of 90s New York that I hope to see more and more as artists 20-years hence tell their stories.