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Like many recent documentary features, this film’s plaudits belong mostly to its cinematographer and editor. There’s not much of a story here. Instead we get something like four short films about four cats in Istanbul.

With the exception of a few instances of graffiti around the city that says “Erdo-gone, Inshallah, Inshallah,” the Istanbul of this film exists almost out of time. There are few signs that would lead you to believe that Istanbul is currently in a political and cultural transition phase as big as any in its history. I don’t think every film about the city has to contend with this, but something about its absence felt particularly like an oversight.

On its own terms, Kedi is an enjoyable cinematic experience. I’m not a cat person, but boy, these cats were adorable and full of personality. And the way the filmmakers pair the cats with Turks and their stories reminded me of how Seinfeld pairs comedians with cars for his web-show. There’s an art and a skill in pulling off a perfect pairing. These filmmakers take that art seriously.