Jim and Andy - The Great Beyond

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There’s a sequence in Jim and Andy: The Great Beyond where Jim Carrey walks, in sequence, through all his films and describes where he was in life when he made them. How each story, from The Mask, to Dumb and Dumber, to Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind tracked his biography and his struggles in life. I found that sequence fascinating and worthwhile. And it provided good context for what this film is about: this is Carrey in repose. He is in the reflective, contemplative stage in his life. Following a little bit about his life in recent years, it makes a lot of sense why he would want to participate in this documentary now. There are plenty of armchair psych analyses one could undertake about what Carrey has gone through, but what’s the point really. He seems to be doing plenty of that on his own in his own life.