Jerry Before Seinfeld

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I was expecting more of a documentary, and not a comedy set, from this film. And the small bits of interjected history and autobiographical story telling were interesting. It reaffirmed for me, again, that Seinfeld is at his essence an angry man with no reason to be angry. Louis CK in HBO’s Talking Funny made this observation and it has colored everything I’ve seen from Seinfeld since. There’s a deep antipathy for society or misanthropy under Seinfeld’s comedy that is grounded in, as far as I can tell, a perfectly fine upbringing. I think the same kind of comedy from a comedian of color, or a female comedian, would not be nearly as successful. It’s fascinating that Seinfeld has made an entire career out of calling people and their behaviors dumb without himself being perceived as an angry or misanthropic person.

Anyway, the Superman bookends were cute.