It Follows

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I’m just not a horror movie guy. I just can’t do it. Albeit through shaded eyes, white-knuckling arm rests, repeating mantras to myself (“its not real, its not real”), I ended up sort of enjoying It Follows. Although, if I’m being honest about it as a film, in conversation with other films released this year, it is high on style and middling on subject.

It Follows elevates its genre, although admittedly I know little about the genre and would believe you if you told me it doesn’t care to be elevated. Some acting performances stand out from others, but overall everyone put in about a college-level performance. The only exception is the director, David Robert Mitchell. Mitchell has a great eye for photography, uses light very well, and constructs some pretty good scenes from what I can imagine was not all that instructive or inspiring of a script.

After seeing Cabin in the Woods a few years ago and enjoying it, I thought I’d give this a chance. I’m glad I saw it. Now I can wait another 2-5 years before seeing my next horror film.