Inglourious Basterds

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After seeing Hateful Eight I wanted to revisit Inglorious Basterds to see if the violence in this film felt the same. I’m happy to report it doesn’t. The violence feels much more incorporated in the story, much less nihilistic and self-indulgent. It is used in measure to exercise the feelings and convey what is at stake for these characters.

This film also feels a lot more personal, for Tarantino, than Hateful Eight. “This just might be my masterpiece,” as a final line, the focus on film, cinemas and movies, the silly foot stuff and especially the two long scenes with heightened tension through just dialog; it is clear these are the things Tarantino believes in. And it is clear through how good the final product turns out to be, that his strength of belief matches his talents as a film maker here more than anywhere else in his filmography.