Good Time

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From what I could gather in the credits, Good Time, is largely the product of young film-makers. As such, it is an impressive outing for the Safdie Brothers, who made their first film in 2008. The Oneohtrix Point Never original soundtrack was an inspired choice. As a long time fan, I had never considered what his music would sound like in a film, but as soon as I heard it, it made all the sense in the world.

Good Time reminded me a lot of Victoria, a film I didn’t enjoy very much while watching it (it was exhausting) but have thought about a lot since. Like Victoria, Good Time benefits from an impressive lead performance. Robert Pattinson, who recently had a small but impactful role in The Lost City of Z, like Kristen Stewart, could strongly make a case as one of the best working actors in the industry today. I wonder if Taylor Lautner has any gritty, crime-thrillers, or heady French dramas, in the works to complete the Twilight trifecta transition to indie success stories.