Get Out

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Get Out, and I felt this way when I saw it earlier this year, is one of the best films of 2017. And along with Lady Bird one of the best directorial debuts of this decade. I’m very excited for more work from Jordan Peele.

One particular theme I thought about during this re-watch was the paranoia that Chris feels in the first half of this film. Constantly questioning himself, hesitant to share his thoughts with his girlfriend, thinking twice about a comment or a look he got from someone. This cognitive load on minorities, especially African Americans, is something I didn’t quite experience in the same way. Maybe because I was more naive, because I was an immigrant at a slightly older age (I was 10 when I immigrated from New Delhi to central Illinois), or maybe because my conceptualization of myself was so thoroughly reshaped through white eyes that I even saw my own self and family as exotic and worth commenting on. But as an adult, these types of looks and comments are much more noticeable to me. Peele, and his actors, capture that feeling smartly throughout the film but especially well in the first half.