Force Majeure

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Among the better foreign films I’ve seen this year. I liked the questions and provocations it offered about nature, human nature, gender, marriage and modernity. I think the actors did a good job keeping the writing front and center, creating a dark atmosphere and making me feel just weird enough that my attention was captured the whole time. The director, also, did his part in making me uncomfortable from beginning to end, which helped carry the message for this film.

I’m glad Tomas, the father, came to a place by the end of the film where he was comfortable being himself. It’s unfortunate that who he ended up being was not really too impressive a man.

The breakdown Tomas has about 2/3 of the way through the movie, is something I’ve wondered about myself. Will I be proud of the man I grow up to be? I’m sure there will be regrets and habits that I’m not proud of, but hopefully, in the large sense, I can be proud of the man, father, husband I end up being. I think I knew a few fathers, husbands, older men in my life who don’t feel very proud of who they ended up being. And institutions like marriage, parenthood, work, masculinity don’t make it easy to confront that and change it.