Everybody Wants Some

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Still one of the most fun movies I’ve seen in the last few years. It captures much of the feeling of male friend groups any bigger than 3. Competitiveness, even among non-athletes, tends to be a mainstay. As is the inability to apologize or share emotional moments. It takes a lot of work to fight against these pulls. Linklater captures it all here with remarkable ease.

Since its release, I’ve seen some reviews of this film that are pegged on its treatment of women. I could’ve done without some of the mud-wrestling, yes, but I don’t find that this film treats women as victims. They are not central to the story, that much is true, but the masculinity on display here is not predicated on demeaning women. It is predicated on hyper-sexualization, but that is as much true of the men as of the women. I’m open to the idea that I can’t clearly see the problems with this film because of my vantage point (a man who has enjoyed many such male relationships in college and other parts of my life).

I had as much fun watching this movie as I did Bridesmaids. I think that’s a good test for why it’s not as problematic as some have argued.