Edge of Seventeen

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A few years ago, when I saw Spectacular Now, I was impressed that it dealt with teenage alcoholism in a real way. A similar thought occurred to me with this movie. Nadine’s depression and anxiety are depicted on screen in remarkably real ways. The writing and directing is not exactly naturalistic, there is plenty of drama and humor, but the reality of teenage depression and anxiety is brilliantly portrayed.

There are plenty of flaws in this film (perfect men, broken women, editing and pacing that leaves the viewer’s head spinning, multiple characters who serve singular purposes, close to zero redeeming features for our protagonist) but there is also a lot to love. Director Kelly Fremon Craig makes a compelling debut. Hailee Steinfeld succeeding. in a role that will likely be the kind of springboard that Short Term 12 was for Brie Larson. Overall, I very much enjoyed this film and would be happy to see many more films about the psyches of teenage girls and boys dealt with in this way.