Don't Think Twice

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Mike Birbiglia has always struck me as a warm, soulful, comedian. But rarely is he wise or sagacious. His stand-up, his segments on This American Life, his film and TV work are always funny but rarely do they stay with me over time. He’s mostly unobjectionable. His art, to me it seems, is mostly without politics. Without a target.

As such, Don’t Think Twice was a mostly unobjectionable, enjoyable, sometimes sentimental film. As a piece of art that espouses a variety of emotions, it was only middlingly successful.

However, as homage to improv, a much-beloved and increasingly important part of the American comedy universe, it was much more successful. Birbiglia captures, with great acuity and narrative ease, the life of improv comedians, the mechanics of the art form and why he, and his compatriots, think so highly of it. This film could be for improv what Comedian, the 2002 documentary featuring Jerry Seinfeld, is for stand up.