Diary of a Teenage Girl

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To be honest, I was expecting more of an Easy A type of movie, when I first decided to watch this film. I got a bit more than I bargained for, but not necessarily in a bad way.

For much of the film I was wondering when Monroe’s abuse would be addressed. When the spade would be called a spade. But it became clear that this was not something the film-makers were interested in. And in some ways, I suppose Diary is a better film for it. And from my understanding, in the book (which I have not read), Minnie’s experiences with drugs and the drug community were much more harrowing.

I also didn’t realize that this was a debut feature by Marielle Heller. It helped that her source material had such a strong voice but I look forward to more work from Heller. Her tone management, story telling and film-making choices were all inspired and pointed to more bright future work.