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Tobias Wolff’s This Boy’s Life is one of my favorite memoirs of all time. It describes Wolff’s life as a young boy, before his teenage years. He would go on to live a full, complicated life as an adult, but the book isn’t interested in that. I felt much the same about Crooklyn. The film knows that these children will go on to grow up, live complicated lives as adults in New York City, but the film is interested in their lives and their world as chidlren. And by restraining itself here, it does a wonderful job of creating this world, allowing us to live in it for a couple of hours, and what is partly a nostalgic exercise becomes something universal.

I also loved seeing Bed Stuy in the 70s. Paired with the Bed Stuy in the early 2000s from Dave Chappelle’s Bloc Party, it’s fun to see what neighborhoods in Brooklyn felt like throughout the years.