Captain America - Civil War

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First and foremost, Captain America: Civil War works as blockbuster, summer, popcorn entertainment. It features great action sequences, Spider Man and Ant Man provide levity, the pacing (while sometimes erratic) is generally well suited for audiences of all ages. But it’s biggest success is in balancing 12 major superheroes (superheroines? supersheroes?), a plot, character development, exposition and franchise(s) in one film. As you might expect, this makes for a slightly over-wrought, slightly over-long, 4-act film. By and large, though, the filmmakers pull it off.

Between Batman Vs Superman, Captain America: Civil War and what I can gather from trailers of XMen: Apocalypse there’s a lot of consternation going on about in-fighting in America. Film-makers aren’t entirely wrong to pull on this thread in a time when our country seems to be eating its own tail. But hardly any film has done a great job at taking this premise somewhere interesting. I suppose this is easy to say sitting here, looking back on films from the 70s and 80s that leveraged Cold War themes with the US mostly winning out in the end. Few films have been able to come up with a conclusion to the America falling apart storyline that seems even remotely inspired.