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Steve Yeun gets caught yawning, stretches, smiles, looks you right in the eyes.

One of the year’s best, Burning left me feeling like I feel after some Haneke films (especially, Caché) – like I just saw a protypical, genre and generation definining masterpiece that I’ll be thinking about for years to come. Yeun’s decision to go find a role like this away from the American machine, I think, will pay off in spades down the line when American directors let him pursue complex, understated characters like Ben.

One point of discussion after a second viewing, among friends, was about whether Lee Jong-su actually killed Ben or not and a friend made a good observation that before that final scene, you see Lee Jong-su writing (one of very few times he’s seen writing, anything more than the letter for his father), perhaps suggesting that the murder occurred in the story but not in real life. I liked this interpretation. Or at least the ambiguity it introduces to the ending.