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This is bound to be a polarizing film. It seems to me the best way to observe this film is to be keenly aware that you’re sitting in a theater, watching artists talk about art. If you don’t keep that frame of focus in mind, its easy to miss (what I think is the point) of the film.

One clear success was bringing Ed Norton back up in my list of favorite all time actors. Embarrassing to admit now but American History X was one of my first loves in film in high school. For a long time I considered Ed Norton to be my favorite actor. 25th Hour helped keep him there. But for a long time he has made safe choices and hasn’t seemed to grow. This movie threw that pattern out of the window. He did a fantastic job in a challenging role.

Keaton, too, was a strong point in this movie. He carried a disjointed, maniacal, schizophrenic film by being just as maniacal and schizo.

I liked the things it had to say about criticism. For what its worth, my favorite commentary on criticism is Pixar’s Ratatouille.

Overall, though, this might just get thrown in the closet with the many attempts artists have made at commenting on art itself. After a while, all that commentary just seems self-congratulatory and like they want is to bloviate at length about a tired topic. The majority of people in the world are not artists, take a risk, learn something about them, say something new about them.