Before Midnight

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I love re-watching this movie because I feel connected to a different character every time I watch it. When Jessie and Celine fight, I see myself in either character depending on what phase of life I’m in, what recent experiences I’ve had, or what I’ve learned about relationships over the years. At the lunch scene with multiple couples, I find myself nodding along to something Patrick, the old man, is saying. And scoffing at naiveté of the younger couple. There’s so much depth and truth in Linklater’s dialog that it’s hard not to get lost in it, like in a piece of literature.

It swells my heart to know that the Before… series is something I have as part of my life forever and always. I can’t wait to keep revisiting these movies at different points in my life. And share them with different people I love at different points in my life. A deep, and sincere, thanks to Richard Linklater for this work.