Baby Driver

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When I saw the trailer for this film a few months ago, I thought to myself, “why is Edgar Wright making a prequel to Nicholas Winding Refn’s Drive?” But, happily, Baby Driver has little relation to that film. The two directors, Wright and Winding Refn, it turns out, are very different people.

In terms of directors, especially independent directors, whose finger prints on a movie largely show up in specific aspects of a movie, Edgar Wright is up there among the best of them. If Wes Anderson is set/costume designer as auteur, if Quentin Tarantino is script writer as auteur, if Stephen Soderbergh is photographer as auteur, if David Fincher is blocker as auteur, dare I say Edgar Wright is editor as auteur. His tone management, his exacting use of music, sound, and cuts is a joy to watch. Everything is perfectly choreographed and pulled off. Each discrete choice is creative and impressive on its own but taken as a whole there’s something relaxing about the experience. As a viewer, you feel like you’re in the hands of a master, happy to be along for the ride.

I’d be remiss to not mention one major complaint, though, which is Ansel Eglort. His lack of charisma, his ham-handed dialog delivery, and overall unimpressive acting took me out of the moment many times. No amount of editing and cutting around a protagonist can hide such blatant flaws.