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Alien: Covenant continues what Prometheus started. And is more like Prometheus than like the earlier Alien films. If the earlier films in this series were mostly horror movies. Prometheus was more action but still a lot of philosophizing. And Covenant is even more of a conventional action movie. In so far as action movies are concerned, I don’t think this is a highly successful one. But as far as sci-fi, mythical, modern philosophizing, action-packed fairy tells about creation and free will go, this was a pretty good film.

Ridley Scott is a highly practical film maker. His background as a ad director probably has a lot to do with that. Every interview I see with him, not to mention works like The Martian, show clearly that he’s a pragmatic man, chiefly concerned with finding a way to make things work. In all his pragmatism, he has realized that the source of energy for these movies is no longer the Aliens themselves, but characters like David/Walter. He has deftly transitioned the series and relied on great performances by Michael Fassbender to keep breathing life into this story. As a pragmatist myself, I believe in the iterative approach to improvement. With each film in this series, Scott is trying something new, learning, and refining. He found a few things that worked in Prometheus and he embellished on those themes here. I imagine he’ll find some new stuff from this film that he’ll use for the next iteration.