A Ghost Story

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Films sometimes make it onto my radar because not because they have great trailers or are highly anticipated but because they receive a lot of praise from critics’ circles. This was such a film. I knew very little about this film except reading AO Scott’s review of it in the . In it he says ‘“A Ghost Story’ works so well because it shouldn’t work at all,” which is a statement I fully agree with upon seeing the film.

There is a lot to say about the amazing use of music, the amazing frames and shots that last minutes at a time, the long takes in a fascinating aspect ratio, the amazing use of time dilation (a la Tree of Life but fewer dinosaurs), and the amazing way you, the viewer, end up experiencing this film as a ghost in a sheet, dealing with the emotions of the recently departed. But I think, more than anything else, the reason this film worked for me was because it has a meditative quality that I needed in a time of information and idea overload. This film is packed with fascinating ideas but they unfold over time, and in your mind. There’s hardly any dialog. There are few cuts and edits. The film largely takes place in one location. But it takes you on an amazing journey.