99 Homes

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99 Homes is a great companion to, and in my opinion a better film than The Big Short. It depicts the story of the financial crisis that I’m far more interested in. Namely, the devastation and mayhem felt by every day people around the country, in towns small and large. How big financial institutions went through the crisis is also interesting, but I’m not nearly as moved by it as this story.

Michael Shannon is a commanding presence on screen. His acting here is on par with his best work, which previously was an accolade reserved solely for Taking Shelter. Ramin Bahrani, after receiving attention from the likes of Roger Ebert, is living up to his promise by writing and making films like this. I am looking forward to seeing how his career takes shape over the next years and decades.

For some viewers, the ending may be off putting enough to ruin the whole experience. Though I agree that it could’ve been sharper, I found enough to like about the first 7/8 of the movie that the last 1/8 didn’t turn me off entirely.