3 Generations

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Films with strong political messages often fail under the weight of their message or fall prey to moralizing more than story telling. 3 Generations is a perfect example of this dynamic. As a story, it fails to invest fully in its characters, give them motivations that are easy to understand and follow, or build tension and drama in a cohesive way. As a visual story, it was populated by frames and photographs that you might find in a picture frame you’d buy at Target. Perfectly coifed skylines and bridges, sterile blue skies, and perfectly messy penthouses in New York.

Overall, 3 Generations was more self-satisfied that it was a story about gender identity than it was a satisfying story about gender identity. We’re well suited for more stories of this kind as we deal with gender issues in society. Here’s hoping we get more stories like Tangerine than stories like 3 Generations.