Zero K - A Novel

In an interview a few years ago, DeLillo mentioned that the first sentence of this book came to him and spoke so loudly that he began working on a book about it. “Everyone wants to own the end of the world…” It’s a powerful sentence. And death is a powerful thing.

But it is also a black-hole of a thing. Nothing can be found once death is at the center. DeLillo, in his twilight years, is clearly thinking a lot about death. I am just entering the prime of my life, so this book just didn’t connect with me. There were times when DeLillo turned his gaze away from death and those sections captured my attention more. Maybe if I return to it when I’m his age, it will speak to me more.

This may be sacrilegious, but instead of reading this book, just watch this great Key & Peele sketch featuring an old Stan Lee trying to contend with being old: