I read Rachel Cusk’s “Faye trilogy” all out of order. “Transit” was my first read. I immediately went back and read “Outline” and have been waiting for “Kudos” to come out in paperback so I can read that soon, too.

Cusk’s trilogy is among the best work I’ve read in the last 10 years. She is writing modern day classics. Along with Maggie Nelson, her ability to combine memoir, philosophy, criticism, commentary with masterful writing feels like a reward on every page. To me, writers like Cusk are helping define the modern novel. And what’s more, she is doing it as an anti-thesis to the narcissism of our modern moment. We learn much about Faye but the books aren’t about her. We learn more about how she views the world, how the world treats her, and how the challenge of living in our era can shape and reshape your consciousness every step of the way.

I’m grateful for coming across this series (as a result of a twitter back and forth, of all places!). I’m grateful for the warmth, intelligence, humility and candor with which Cusk has created these novels. And I hope there’s more work like this, created by all sorts of writers, over my lifetime as a reader.