Super Sad True Love Story

I listened to this as an audiobook, so although I don’t have the counterfactual to compare to, I found the audiobook experience quite fun. The voice-actors were great at putting on accents, reading Russian and Korean or Chinese when it came up, and overall bringing out the dramatic writing of this book.

The dystopian future, especially one in which America is on the brink of, or just past the point of, demise, is all too real now. Reading this book pre-Nov 2016 and post-Nov 2016, I imagine, would heavily weigh on your assessment of the book. Political, cultural and technological details that could, a couple of months ago, seem over the top, are now a part of our daily news cycle.

For me, it wasn’t the plot, the love story or even the characters that drew me into this book. It was the descriptions of an American future marked by social upheaval, a dissolution of civil society, and a government inept at governing that I found most interesting. This is not to say Lenny and Eunice were not interesting characters, they were. It’s more that the environment Shteyngart put them in made the story far more compelling.